The study demands a lot from the young people. The learning of numerous contents for different subjects is added, which is very often seen as a great burden. To make learning easier, there are always different ways to get together and learn with other students. The group work is a very attractive alternative to keep what you have learned better.

The learning process is easier to use with learning groups, as there are always donkey bridges in the teamwork that are supportive. There is also a very high-quality pedagogical effect that brings with it special benefits.

Group work must be continued methodically

Anyone who has tried to work in a group while at school can often report great successes. To learn in a group means that there is the support of colleagues and that very extensive inspirations can be obtained on the respective topics. If you are dealing with a topic yourself and learning alone at home, you may not think in different directions. When several people sit around a table and ponder together, numerous results often come out as the result, which are significant.

Before engaging in group work, find out what kind of group work you prefer and which group members you want to be part of the team. Many students point out that they have a special learning method in their group. Not every method makes sense for every human and can bring corresponding results.

Depending on the method, you can collectively benefit from the group work and benefit from a discussion in the round. Special terms for which there is no explanation can be better clarified with the help of the group members. The search for necessary information can also take place in a team. Group dynamics not only increase productivity, but also correct gaps and vulnerabilities. The question, however, is what characteristics a group should bring with it to work well together.

Characteristics of a group

If you are now part of a group and would like to learn in a team, you should deal with the many peculiarities of the group. Of course, the participants want to make sure that you are learning together continuously. On the other hand, the characteristics of the group must be right to come to a common denominator. These include the following points:

Group Size: Regarding group size, it should be noted that they should not be extremely large groups. The problem with too large groups is that unfortunately you could not come into play and feel like a fifth wheel on the car. That should definitely be stopped. The group should have no more than four to five members to get a good learning opportunity.

Group Members: Group members should be similar in their knowledge. Anyone who has significantly more knowledge and then learns with fellow students who lag behind in terms of knowledge can not benefit from the group work. For this reason, the group members should be of a similar age and best placed in the same seminars. It does not help if people sit down together, who are still at the beginning of their studies and other students are already in their sixth semester.

Group meetings: Meetings of the group are to be held regularly at best. Adequate discipline should be available from you and the other people in the learning group to perform well. It should always be determined one week in advance, when to meet again with the team. If a student does not have time on the agreed day, try to find an alternative date. It would be advantageous to have appointments that take place weekly at the same time in order to be able to adapt to it permanently.

Tips for a group work

Of course, you should pay attention to other tips to constantly get a good group work in the study group. In addition to the structural conditions, the personal characteristics are very important. It does not help if you have to sit down with a person you do not like at all. Not only would there be unnecessary tension here, but at the same time you would not be able to concentrate on the subject matter. Tensions or interpersonal relationships that are biased should definitely not occur in group work. It would not be an idea to sit down with the ex-boyfriend and pretend to focus on the subject matter.

Another important point is the existing language skills. It does not help if some of the group members do not speak German well as they hinder the entire learning process. There should be a basic knowledge of the German language, so that the other students do not have to take exclusive account of the person who can not keep up because of the language.

Group work is not just for learning

A group work is not only suitable for learning phases in the study. At the same time, you can wonderfully create larger projects in groups or even write chores. However, it is also important to make sure that the different students have similar knowledge. A balance can only be achieved when the members found each other and have also agreed on how they start the group work.

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each group member

It is important that your own competencies are listed among each other and that you speak as a team. Group work is only successful if you deny yourself with your colleagues and find out accordingly, which person has which strengths.

Every person has different strengths and weaknesses. These should be used in a group work to get a perfect result. The written clerk should take over the creation of the texts, the successful rhetoric is to be divided for the lecture. The creative minds can deal with the group presentation. However, despite its strengths and weaknesses, each member should deal with the many tasks involved in group work. Only then can the work become a success and the students be happy. After all, everyone is happy about a good grade, which he has honestly earned.